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"Unlocking Inner Peace: The Power of Yogi Breathing and Pranayama"

Yogic breathing and Pranayama to access dynamic stillness, your body and mind get re-set and recalibrated to function at a more optimal level.

This Breathwork method will actively re-set your mind and body, the practice is called Durga pranayama (Full / invincible energy control) breathing.

In this practice we will Detoxify, Oxygenate, Energise and rejuvenate your entire system. The 3 stage practice utilises every possible way to breathe and all 3 lobes of the lungs, this will strengthen our breathing musculature, increase our lung capacity and chest wall compliance it will clear our sinus and nasal pathways providing a complete respiratory overhaul.

The Double breath creates a huge gas exchange where we throw off Co2 and maximise our blood oxygen levels, this oxygenates deep into our cells and tissues.

Our vascular system is given a workout and the raising of our heart rate creates a flush of our circulatory system removing toxicity and rendering our blood more alkaline.

The intensity of the practice creates a positive stress on our system, activating stretching and strengthening making us more stress resilient and capable of handling the cortisol and adrenaline output from the practice without flipping into “fight or flight or freeze”.

Our body will also naturally produce feel good hormones such as serotonin and oxytocin during this practice.

The breathlessness we will encounter following the breathing creates a disruption in our normal psychological patterning enabling us to slip out of our usual mental conditioning opening new possibilities and creativity.

The period towards the end of the practice during our breath hold trains our body to tolerate higher levels of Co2 and encourages the release of EPO and HIF proteins which accelerates capillary growth and oxygen carrying red blood cells.

Not bad for a 30-40 min breathwork practice.

Combining this with both sauna and cold plunge contrast practices will leave you feeling truly invincible and more than ready to take on whatever comes your way.

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