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Gambledown Farm is found on a hill above the Test Valley in Hampshire, with views across to the Isle of Wight. The farm is run as a mixed farm, growing a mix of cereal crops and forage brassicas as well as being home to a herd of pedigree Beef Shorthorn cattle.

We believe passionately in sustainable agriculture and all crops are direct seeded into undisturbed ground to protect our soils. We care equally for the environment, and the farm is entered into the Higher Level Environmental Stewardship Scheme, incorporating a number of wildlife friendly options to support  birds and other wildlife on the farm by giving them sources of food and habitat.


The Beef Shorthorn herd was established in 2001 to supply a fully traceable source of Organic quality beef. We are no longer registered as organic, but run the herd on the same principles of high welfare and low inputs, for which the Shorthorns are admirably suited.


Our permanent grassland receives no artificial fertiliser and  is 'Mob Grazed' in line with the principles of Holistic Grazing Management to benefit the soils and the wider environment.


The cattle graze the species diverse pasture until the autumn. The herd is out-wintered on forage brassicas until the spring when they return to fresh spring grass. 

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